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  • Nightwaves #027: Hideaway

    Every now and then we need to find comfort away from the noise. Away from the daily routine. Awa...

    Wed 8th July 12 AM
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FCL is the house project of Belgian DJ/producers San Soda and Red D, in which they indulge in making and playing house for the discerning masses. After a couple of early remixes it was their debut E.P. on Red D’s label We Play House Recordings that allowed them to come into underground house prominence. The tracks ‘Let’s Go’ and ‘More Than Seven’ – featuring Belgian jazz diva Lady Linn -became staple songs for a who’s who of house DJ’s old and new and helped kickstart the oldskool house revival of recent years.

Remixing Audiojack’s ‘Stay Glued’ into a monster beat that definitely did control dance floors all over the world proved that FCL wasn’t just a one hit wonder and predicted that it was just a matter of time before FCL would hit that zone between underground and crossover. An unlikely remake of an old Chicago house standard was FCL’s ticket out of the underground and into the bigger spotlight. Released as a 150 copies vinyl-only release on We Play House Recordings, FCL’s version of ‘It’s You’ – again with Lady Linn on vocals – was soon the object of affection for hundreds of DJ’s and punters alike and a digital licensing of the track by house music moguls Defected did the rest. FCL’s ‘It’s You’ – the San Soda Panorama Bar Acca Version (the only version, simply named like that after a serious Panorama Bar Sunday morning set) – became part of collective house history. And it isn’t over yet, because the track will feature on one of the infamous Tesco ad campaigns in the spring of 2014, making sure to reach the few ears that have been in hiding and haven’t heard the track yet…

But just like FCL had a long and fruitful life before ‘It’s You’, so they will in the near future. The boys have been in the studio recently to record a follow-up to ‘It’s You’, to be released on Defected somewhere in the spring of 2014, and they have also had the honour to do a remix for that other UK house stronghold Crosstown Rebels, giving Kele Okereke’s ‘Candy Flip’ the FCL treatment. Further down the year you can also expect them to curate an exciting volume in the Defected In The House mix compilation series, that will provide a lasting testament to their DJ’ing and vinyl digging abilities. FCL: house music for all…