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Fat Finger

Los Angeles, United States

Electro House, House

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Basic Breakdown:

Travis Lea is a tireless music producer, events promoter, DJ and designer based in Los Angeles. As a DJ of over 20 years, he has played all over the world, blowing up clubs, festivals and parties with his energetic and unforgettable sets. He produces and performs his music live, featuring sounds that range from groovy acid jazz, tripped out dub beats to slamming dancefloor fillers. Travis has been producing cutting edge arts and dance events for ten years and has formed several companies, hosting top international talent, and drawing tens of thousands of revellers in cities across the globe.

The History:

Travis Lea was born in Philadephia and grew up in a family of musicians, toying with piano and drums over the course of his life. But his musical passion was truly lit when he took up DJing and began a long series of radio shows in 1987, from Philadelphia to San Francisco. In 1995, Travis took his musical alchemy to nightclubs and the underground party network in California. At that time, Travis also studied cutting edge audio production techniques at KPFA FM in Berkeley and under vocalist Pamela Z, learning analog and later digital audio editing, production, mixing and mastering.

In 1998, he moved to Buenos Aires, where he played the best clubs alongside top international talent. He formed the company BURN Productions and organized countless events in Argentina. He was featured on some of the best radio shows, and in a BBC documentary on the emerging South American music scene. In 2001, Travis set up shop on Mexico City, where he headlined dozens of events next to the world’s best DJs and producers. BURN continued to grow and Travis organized massive parties in and around the capital, garnering support from corporate sponsors like Corona and W Radio and the press as well as admiration of the public and internet outlets. In addition to his US appearances, Travis has played nightclubs and outdoor parties in far-flung places like: Ibiza, Punta del Este, Playa del Carmen, Acapulco, Thailand and Vietnam.

Since 2003, Travis has lived in Los Angeles, where he often appers under the monikers FatFinger, or FatSlinger. A graduate of the School of Audio Engineering Institute of Technology in Los Angeles, he works from his private studio, and plays gigs around California. His company, Project Alma has been a part of some of the most major club nights and festival stages in the region’s arts and music scene in the past five years. Highlights include stages produced for the Los Angeles Decompression, San Francisco Love Parade, Venice Carnevale, Burning Man and Xara Dulzura. Travis has a forthcoming album in the works featuring deep and dirty dubstep beats with catchy vocal hooks and slamming basslines. Many live musicians are attracted to Travis’s energy and performance style, and have tapped him to work with them, doing remixes and infusing an electronic vibe to their music.

The Performer and his Musical Story:

Travis’s years of honing his talent and ear have created a dance floor master, a charismatic character and musical leader capable turning any party into a rocking mayhem. His original influences were punk rock, ska and 80s electronic bands. In the 90s, including two years in France, Travis got deep into acid-jazz, new school hip hop, and abstract beats, as well as Goa trance, hardcore, and acid house — the stuff of his first live sets in the mid 90s. This gave way to progressive, big room trance, nu-nrg, and hard house, popular in Latin America and on the rave scene. Back in Cali, the new sounds included funky bangin’ house, sexy house and most recently electro, and many hybrids in between. Travis’s original productions include his dubstep/glitch project called FatSlinger, which he performs as a live PA.

Travis, the Versatile Guy.

In addition to his passion for music, Travis adores travel, and has lived in many corners of the world. A graduate of the language schools at Skidmore (BA) and Middlebury (MA) colleges, he speaks Spanish, French and Italian. Travis has been a goldsmith in New York, taught snowboarding in SoCal, run a children’s radio station in Haiti, a pirate radio station in San Francisco, and a reporter for NPR, VOA, Pacifica and Marketplace. Travis is a policital activist, and a proponent of alternative energy. Travis loves designing decor, building props, and creating flyers and arts installations. He’s a sucker for a bowl of Tom Ka Gai, or a fine beer, and he’s generally a down-to-earth guy.