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Eitan Carmi, better known as FATALI, is regarded one of Israel’s emerging artists. Born in 1984 in the city of Nazareth, Fatali discovered electronic music.

at the age of 13 and was instantly captivated by the wonders of music production.

He first started fooling around with the impulse tracker software, and at the age of 16, after discovering the wonders of the MIDI world, he began producing original music professionally.

Over the years, Fatali has developed an original & unique sound – fresh and powerful, ranging from deep progressive Trance with hints & bits of Full-On Trance, yet always melodic and perfectly synchronized for the dance floor.

After releasing his debut album (Moments) in 2003 on the UK label Alchemy, Fatali was signed to BNE’s label – YoYo Records, where he released his second & third studio albums (Faith 2005/ Dawn 2006), becoming both instant classics & international best sellers.

Summer 2007 has exposed Fatali’s talent once again with ‘Re Construct’, the highly anticipated remix project, featuring cooperation with the most celebrated & biggest names in the Electronic music industry (some for the first time on an Israeli label) Mixed to perfection,

this remixes album is Fatali’s most colorful studio work to date and features an endless range of musical spectrums. Fatali is constantly touring the globe, Performing extensively all year round, Fatali brings an outstanding & energetic live act that sets the crowd on fire over and over again. Recent years have seen Fatali appearing in huge events such as: Tsunami- New York,Australia, Soulclipse- Turkey, Indian Spirit- Germany, Antiworld- UK, while also conquering Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland & Denmark,Korea , among others.

In 2008 Fatali has rocked the masses playing at some of the world’s biggest events: Avalon Club In Hollywood LA, Tshitraka Festival- Germany, Nandan Festival- Switzerland, Antalia Dance Festival- Turkey & SOS Festival- Japan. What sets this amazing artist aside from others is his positive & uplifting approach to life, generating a unique ability to combine both emotions and warm ambiance alongside deep Trance production, all of which are perceptible throughout his rich repertoire.

“Space Designer” Is Fatali’s 4th artist album ,

since 2003 the 1st album ‘Moments’ was released by the english label ‘Alchemy’

Fatali kept his originally sound and always developed and evolved ,

the result is 1 album that was voted by the well respected ‘MIX MAG’ Magazine to be

the album of the month and numerous releases on major labels such as ’Ministry of sound UK,Iboga,INgrooves in the US ,Yoyo Rec and many others…

as well as non stop touring all across the globe in some of the most important clubs&events in the electronic dance scene such as ,Avalon Club in Hollywood,Elevate Club in Delhi,

Indian Spirit Festival Germany , Smile Tour Mexico that was Sponsored By : Coca Cola,Bacardi&Corona. The annual S.O.S Festival (2006/7/8) In Nagano – Japan

this year Fatali has open his own label group ‘FM Music Group’

which focused only on the best Electronic dance music outhere with fresh artists & music from around the globe.

it took almost 2.5 years to complete ‘Space Designer’ and the whole electronic dance scene is already  giving to the album & this project a huge support.

according to john’s 00 fleming latest review on DJ MAG 

“This is one of the most promising album we have seen for years,been digging it and playing the album and the feedbacks are just Awesome!”

John decided to release an EP taken from the album on his own JOOF recordings which the EP was on top of the charts in most of the biggest sites.

Space Designer ’ Design Your Space in your own way..’

“Space Designer” will be promoted with a 4 tracks single EP titled “Soul Control” that can only hint the listener on Fatali’s musical progression presented through the “Space Designer” album.