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DJ Fat Tony has become one of the most respected and in demand artists on both the gay and straight club scene. He has continued to provide quality music on an International scale for a number of years and now resides at Londons Premier club nights.

Tony’s DJ’ing career began 15 years ago at the Playground at the Lyceum. One night Tony told the promoter how bad the music was so he was asked to bring his own records the following week, he did and became resident. This led to Tony opening his own night ‘Total Fashion Victim’ and then ‘Jungle’ in 1984/5, this became the first garage and house club in London. From that time to now the list of clubs Tony has played at, the residencies he has held and the countries he has toured in is just too endless to list.

The majority of the best clubs world-wide has experienced the unforgettable presence of Fat Tony and although Tony is now based mainly in London he still guests in the clubbing capitols of the world such as Ibiza, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong, Greece and Cyprus. In addition to Tony’s outstanding history of club gig’s he has played at some of the biggest celebrity parties this decade including three of Madonna’s parties, several for Prince, Pet Shop Boys, Boy George, George Michael, Luther Vandross, Sade, Michael Jackson etc. With a list like this you can only imagine the stories Tony’s got to tell and the type of life style he lives.

A couple of years ago Tony was diagnosed with cancer and fought hard to beat his illness, thankfully he was successful and his cancer has been in remission for over a year. This didn’t stop Tony in his tracks just made him more determined and Tony now works weekly in the Trade lite lounge, The Voodoo Lounge and Twisted UK, bi weekly at Crash and monthly at Heaven, in addition to this he guests at clubs such as Velvet Rooms, Paradise Factory, 051 Club, Decadence, Progress Tour and more. With studio time being booked we can expect a follow up to Tony’s last hit ‘Men Adore a Whore’ released on Big Life by ‘Fierce Child Collective’, plus future International bookings in Moscow, New York, Kuala Lumpa, China, Beijing and Melbourne maintains Tony’s high international profile.