Top 50k on The DJ List

Fat Sam

Reno, United States

House, Techno


Fat SAM, aka Steve Mattos, was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, arguably the heart of raving in America. His style reflects the eclectic environment he grew up in. SAM plays a number of genres including funky/tech house/garage, melodic and psy trance, hard house/trance/hard NRG/ hard tech, jungle, house & Nu Skool breaks, as well as good old fashioned techno and is proficient at scratching and beat juggling. Fat SAM’s unique style and energy give him the power to move any crowd.

In the few years that SAM has been DJing, his name has appeared on fliers side by side with DJ’s like Mars, Denise, Dragn’fly, Fury, Elz, the Gravity Crew, The Doctor, Cloudskipper, G.A.M.M.A., Crisis, Vile Mega Corporation, MF Ruckus, 5657, Chrome, David Aaron, DJ Sulli, Ohm, Spam, Ahn, Ej tha DJ, and many others. He’s participated in and hosted several highly successful weeklies and produced six independent parties under his own banner, Get Down Underground.

If you’re on the West Coast, do not pass up a chance to see this extraordinary talent.

Be on the lookout for several Fat SAM cd releases coming in 2005 as well as several original tracks. He will also be making his junglist debut as Animal Chin. Don’t miss it!