Top 50k on The DJ List

Fat Mike

Charlotte, United States



Mike has been a long time fan of the EDM scene. With his roots being in punk rock through most of his life, underground sound of any sort has been his cup of tea. In 1999 Mike got his introduction to EDM and was hooked from day one. He quickly immersed himself in the music and learned much about all the genres that it had to offer. Mike took a very strong liking to Florida breaks and funky breaks. He knew he wanted to be a DJ, but that he wanted to wait until the time was right and he had the time that he wanted to dedicate to the art.

Mike purchased his first set of turntables in the end of 2003 and began teaching himself the art of DJing. In the early part of 2004 Mike moved from the suburbs of Washington, DC to Charlotte, NC. He quickly showed his newly developed skilled to some of the more skilled DJs, producers, and crews based out of the Carolinas. After gaining respect from many, Mike’s first booking was opening the main room for DJ Rock and Eric Berretta. With a good showing that night the stage was set.

Mike has many upcoming shows with national talent and looks forward to helping the Carolina breaks scene develop and mature. Look for big things from Fat Mike.