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Fares is an Egyptian Dj .Born in 1988 , His interest for sounds and beats developed during the years, as he spent his time listening to everything in music , but He felt more into house music. He started admiring This Type of Music. Then he decided to fulfill this admiring and be a DJ, to create his own style of music. After that he started playing music at the most crowded places in Egypt, Fares is one of the talented young Egyptian DJs who has a strong felt presence in the music world these days. Growing up, Fares always had a passion for music. Fares had one thing in mind; namely invading the House music scene despite his young age, Fares started learning all he could about music production, teaching himself, practising everyday till he developed his own unique Progressive Tribal – Electro Tribal sounds. At first, such dedication broke through within the local clubbing scene in some of the biggest venues of Egypt such as … Summer Moon 2006 / 2007, … Oxygen Beach 2007 … Chill Out 2007…Agamy Bay 2008