Farao Beatport


Everithing starting back in june 1982

DJ Farao Tony shinas, as DJ Farao with civil name is called, comes at the large lakes of Australia to the world, more exactly said into Melbourne, the former gate to the widths of the west. If the pulling through car columns with settlers spread a tendency of the departure in the period of promoterism of the city, then it is in the Athens/Greece and of the early 80’s 70’s the alive Disco and House scene, which function as a progressive moment. In the multicolored variety the club scene DJ Farao finds ever more favour at electronic dance music and is soon “already in such a manner infected” that he begins in his bedroom at own TRACKS to tinker. At the same time it stands each weekend behind the Turntables and rockt with 10-hour Marathonsets Tropical sumer party Kids in the Music box, for power the House or the legendary Warehouse, where club music has one of its origins. When the scene-well-known DJ Farao wants to bring 1991 first cd single out, he must look not for a long time for a label. O.M.S record, world-wide one of the first addresses, if it concerns House music, published “House mix” and announces DJ Farao fast beyond Athens. Already soon DJ Farao left the housige inheritance of its hometown behind itself and made something new from it. Its TRACKS reduced ever more to the Drum and rhythm parts, whose harscher radio should become characteristic, of Farao TRACKS. Temporarily in Greece and Australia living DJ Farao seized fast with European labels foot and published among other things on the Athens. Since that time the free weekends of the Isiah major are counted. Particularly in Europe it is untiring on route and rockt the clubs just like in its hometown Melbourne. So much employment for the good party is recompenced.