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Elblag, Poland

Breaks, Progressive House

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Fangstick (also known as Progress) (Theatre Of Sound) – the winner of the second edition of the Heineken Music Thirst 2004 competition.

His journey with the electronic music was an inspiration from J. M. Jarre, Vangelis, Koto and Laserdance. Later he got interested more in extreme sounds and producers like Aphex Twin, Panasonic and Dj Spooky. However, he didn’t stop looking for other genres. In 1999 he heard Goa Trance and producers like Astral Projection, Aural Planet, Cosmosis, SUN Project, Juno Reactor and Alien Project impressed him most. He was fascinated with Goa Trance for about three years. In 2002 he visited the “Sfinks” in Sopot and he finally found what he was looking for. He found a music which gives him most pleasure, he found Progressive. All the styles put aside, from that moment on it was only Progressive. In 2003 he spent his holidays in Germany working and saving for a DJ gear. Finally in January 2004 he bought two decks and a mixer and started DJing. From day to day his collection of VINYL grew bigger and bigger, he played from dusk till dawn. He practiced without a break, finally his work paid off; he got a chance to play for a bigger audience at the Heineken Music Thirst 2004 Competition for up and coming djs. In the Internet voting his set put all competitors behind him earning over 1700 votes and hitting number one on the list. For the final competition three DJs were selected from each regional semifinals; he was at the 1st place. In June 2004 during the finals in Warsaw he played as first one and he was successful. The jury, with Pete Tong famous for his Essential Mix in BBC Radio One and likes of Smokin’ Jo, Miss Motif and Daniel Davoli, announced him as the winner of Heineken Music Thirst 2004.

He played at two parties in Denmark (Kopenhagen and Odense) and Festival Heineken Open’er in Gdynia (headlined by Massive Attack, Cypress Hill, Pink and Adam Freeland). He co-produced the TIR – Theatre of Sound at the W-Parade in Wroclaw 2005. He played in many popular clubs in Poland (Sfinks, Eskulap, GGOG, Public, New Deep, Mandragora, Metro) and a number of smaller ones. He appeared in a number of shows on different radio stations.

He played at parties with the stars like: Pete Tong, Adam Freeland, Smoking Jo, duet Daniele Davoli & Miss Motif, Phil Thompson a.k.a. Moonface, Flash Brothers, Rowan Blades, Slacker, Mark Santangelo, and such polish DJs as Angelo Mike, Marika, Bert, Quantum Mekk, Charlie Jan, Cube, Ingerstone, Novika, Carla Roca, Extase, Danny Terrance, Lemon aka Martin Gray, Mikan.