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Luca Iadanza & Salwio Scarpa, alias Familie Ground, begun to express theirs feeling with the turntables at the age of 16. The begin of their musical passion has been involved them first singularly. Subsequently the two boys of Naples meet themselves in a venue playing for the same promoter. It was 1997. From that evening Salvio Scarpa and Luca Iady begin to collaborate, giving life to the Familie Ground project. In the course of the years they realized a recording studio in Naples, where they have given free play to their musical impulses. The last three years have been completely dedicated to their studio, physicist and of psychological introspection towards electronic music, and Techno in particular. Naples has accommodated the best dj of the world as regards this musical style, and the Familie Ground are part of that rose of locali artists who have absorbed the artistic quality of the sacred monsters of the world-wide Techno, fusing it to the own experience of musical lover, Dj and producers. 2002 mark their approach with the Techno market. Neapolis II, double vinyl on Design Music of Marco Carola, contains a track by Familie Ground, considered from many one of the more interesting of the record. In September their first Ep will be out on Scene Records, new Neapolitan label. The future of these two Neapolitan artists has a lot in store, also in sight of the realization of a they own label. Let’s follow them carefully.