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Falchionist Fahmi

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia



Falchionist Fahmi :

Started with his Basic Music background as a Drummer and keyboardist, his Basic well known in Music percussion had Gain While he in The band,Beginning in Music Production in Singapore,had a great Massive Invitation for an Event, back in 2009 as a warm up DJ for Home Club, Riverwalk, Singapore.He had gain more experience in local Places here in Kuala Lumpur ,Such as Mojo,Maison,Elysium,Sicily and Space. While working for His New Track and mixing by using numerous Djing and Music Software Such as Apple Logic Pro,FL Studio and also Platinum Notes. Attending More Dance Music event and also participate in The Creation Music Forum that really opened up his eyes and heart to DJing. Being exposed to the music and watching how international DJ’s come and go, each with their own signature style of satisfying and working the crowd, leaving them wanting more, really made him want the same satisfaction of being cheered upon ,by being a DJ. He started on the parties with his fellow friends, he was often the appointed DJ. From then on, he slowly gain followers, who once experienced his music, would often ask him to play for a different crowd. His sound was best describe as a driving tech house with a Trance and Progressive House. Had been playing alongside with local talents such a Nikki,Samuel Dan ,and for most is Droolotte Tasha & Danny Oh.From a Bedroom Dj he has become more exposure. The compliment and advice among closest friends and followers who show their interest in DJing, a number of loyal Followers are gradually increasing.He has well known with the same DJ equipment used by most of the Events.The Expectation From him to trying something new along with Participate more in Dj competition.The Dream and the goal also has been hope so by him to Participate in International Event.