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Matias Faint was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 25, 1985. As young child, Matias was motivated already by music and musical instruments. He learned how to use the guitar, piano and the drums. He also started to use sintetizers at the age of 5 years old. In the year 1997 he got introduced in the electronic scene by hearing bands like Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, and Crystal Method. Also in the year 2000, he started with his producer career. He got influenced by trance music. At the year of 2006, he signed his first release on Novascape-Records with his friend and partner Agustin Servente; A remix of the track Mike Foyle and Sunquest One Day. In that year, he signed his second release, called The Sky Isnt the limit on Istmo-Music, which was remixed by the well known trance producers 2-Trance. But Faint Abilitys are not limited to producing, he is also a dj. His sets are composed from styles like progressive, melodic, uplifting and tech trance.