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Fady One

Brussels, Belgium

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Having always been passionate about music, Fady One started mixing in 2004. Encouraged by a friend to play her music Fady One immediately felt comfortable behind the mixing desks. However, it was not until three years later, with the launch of her first club night, that she took mixing more seriously.

On a musical note, Fady One doesn’t want to define her style. She mixes what appeals to her and doesn’t want to feel restricted by classifications. Listening to music, she says, is like listening to people. It is a very personal thing and you can hear how the music whispers to you, talks to you, shouts at you or even cries. She compares discovering a new piece of music to meeting a person: with some people you feel an immediate connection. A few may even fascinate or bewitch you, whereas others appear to be empty and you are just not tuned to the same wavelength.

Having always liked to organise events she felt that her own club night would not only be a fun thing to do but also give her the opportunity to play the music she likes for a bigger audience. Having started with less than 150 guests in a small bar in 2007, Soirées Secrets (renamed Zukunft in March 2009) quickly developed into one of the most popular club nights in Brussels.

The soirée is designed to offer artists the chance to express themselves and to share their passion for music and art with like-minded people. As a matter of fact, Zukunft regularly invites guest DJs, other musicians and bands as well as all sorts of artists who get the chance to expose their works. Amongst them were Undo, Spada, Luciano Pizzella, Davis & May, Opuswerk, Max Cooper, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nhar, Pierre, Cora Novoa, Van Hai, Deg, Darko, Junior Boys…

In Brussels Fady One mixes at events such as Piknikelektronik, No Code, Wunderbar, Statik Dancing, Brussels4Paris, Vert Pop, Summer Club, Apéros Urbains and Tilt. Furthermore, she regularly plays in different locations amongst them are Café Central, Wax Club, Fuse, K-nal, Café Bota, Club des Halles, Mirano, the Wood, Ancienne Belgique, Bozar…