Fadie Kadaf has always had an ear for music and a dream to become a professional DJ, but it was not until 1998 at a Fraternity party that his dream became a goal and a passion. He could not mix any songs but the music selection he played packed the dance floor the entire night night. Shortly after he landed his first residency at the Wooden Nickel on the Eastern Michigan University campus. Fadie was hired to DJ a “Greek Night,” and within three weeks, lines were consistently forming around the building during his subsequent shifts. This small venue gave him the practice & DJ experience he needed. The energy of the crowds was inspiring and convinced him to bring his sound to a hot spot for Dance music – Detroit.

He landed a job as a bar back at Pure Bar Room a few months later and was instantly impressed with the Trance/Progressive genre that was played. One night, the “light guy” did not show for his shift, so Fadie volunteered to replace him. The owners of Pure were impressed by my knowledge of the music and ability to work the light schemes accordingly. Fadie replaced the “light guy” shortly thereafter and during the next few months, met some of the most renowned DJ’s in the world. He listened to every piece of advice they offered and practiced spinning everyday for many hours. More determined than ever to pursue his goals and began spending large amounts of money on new records from all over the world. Fadie’s big break came when Pure asked him to open for a headlining DJ. The opening was a huge success and lead to a residency at Pure Bar Room. Fadie is currently the resident a X/S, Devine, and is booked for many special events in Metro Detroit. His recent months he has been producing Progressive/Trance music that is to be released in the near future, his enthusiasm for music keeps growing along side his popularity.