Fade Beatport


Fade can truthfully say they have been there and done that, but they don’t. Chris Fortier and Neil Kolo don’t have that attitude. For them it remains a labor of love as they constantly strive to keep moving forward for themselves and for the music they love. Born after a mutual friend introduced the guys at Chris’s then Saturday night residency at Mars in Central Florida. From the start in the modest bedroom studio in 1993 to today, the enfaces has always been on dancefloor friendly tracks. Ten years on they are very proud to have worked with the industry’s best and future stars. A view of their discography, it is impressive to say the least. With productions and remixes for artists like BT, Space Brothers, DJ Icey, Kimball Collins, Viola Wills, Future Force, Sam Mollison, Tiesto, Sarah McLachlan and Delerium. Delerium being the most famous and biggest achievement as it was a #1 in several countries and certified platinum in sales around the world with over 1,000,000 units sold worldwide. They have done work for the whose who of labels including Bedrock, BMG, XL Recordings, EMI, RCA, Kinetic, Sony, Stress, Multiply, Nettwerk, Warners and Mute.

Support from DJs has come far and wide. From the beginning when Sasha first dropped “Separation” on Radio 1, it has been non-stop. Today, Fade has gone from strength to strength pushing their sound forward and not following trends, but helping shape them.

43 years have been the most significant for change. Chris has relocate to New York City and has setup his own studio there. Neil remains in Orlando at the main studio. Logistically it is tough, but they get the job done. Be on the look out for ‘Fade Audio Tour’ mixed by Chris Fortier, out in April 2004.