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Factor E

Santa Rosa Beach, United States


Factor E Beatport


When FACTOR e performs, it is an event not to be missed. The music undulates throughout his body, into the crowd, moving everyone to their feet. He is a dedicated veteran of the dance scene who will convey style and energy to any person, young or old. FACTOR e unifies the audience because the music pours from his soul. The excitement generated by him is contagious and cannot be contained as FACTOR e steps behind the decks.

FACTOR e will bring you world-renowned tracks, including originals, from various genres of dance music. He savors the crowd and always connects with them on a spiritual level. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be inspired, but one thing is for sure – YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!

FACTOR e has been a DJ since 1983. Nineteen years and over twenty records later he has what it takes – to rock a crowd, and make you move.

Career highlights include: DJ on 2001 MTV Campus Invasion Tour, DJ for PLAYBOY, featured in the rave documentary “Generations of Sound”, “20,000 Freaks” featured on DJ Icey’ Essential Elements CD and Rick West’ Flavored Beats 6 CD, DJ for official opening party for WMC Miami 2000, DJ for official MixMag Party 2001 Cannes France MIDEM. Owner/Operator 20K Freaks Recordings, DJ/Co-Promoter of Madhouse, Atlanta’ longest running and legendary underground night 1992-1996. Helped throw first 6 out of 7 parties ever in Atlanta: Psychic Energy 2 / Dizzy World / Psycodelicatessan / Bounce / X-Lax. Deal originator for Bad Boy Bill “Banging in London” CD on Master Dance Tones and helped in conception and success of Canvas Recordings.

FACTOR e has played all over the United States; Vancouver, BC; Toronto, Ontario; Amsterdam, Holland; Dublin, Ireland; and Costa del Sol, Spain.



(Contaminated Muzik) Rough and ready for your next warehouse blowout. FACTOR e delivers nostalgic and effective party tunes. Personal pick is “20,000 Freaks,” whose dark, warped basslines, from-the-gut vocal snippets and steady rockin’ beat should annihilate any self-respecting dance floor in double-quick time. More material is eagerly awaited from this producer, who has already shown a mastery of crowd-pleasing elements. Review by Tamara Palmer

- URB Magazine, August 1999

“For those of you who don’t know Sharaz, he has been responsible for some of the best Florida tracks to come out in the past three years. There are way too many to name but it’ safe to say that if you have heard a funky breaks set in the past two or three years, you have heard his work. Sharaz’ set was comprised mostly of his tracks, but toward the end of his set he started to venture into other territories. The highlight of his set was the Jackal N Hyde remix of FACTOR e’ “20,000 Freaks”, which, if you can get it, is probably the hottest thing out of Florida or anywhere right now."

- Jive Magazine

“Malaguti soon proved to be a heavy hitter when it co-sponsored Playboy Magazine’ notorious Spring Break Week on South Padre Island, TX. The scooters escorted Playmates and DJ FACTOR e, the MTV Campus Invasion DJ, everywhere on the island. Malaguti stepped up to the plate again in Miami Beach this March for the Winter Music Conference. The Scooter company co-sponsored a party with Playboy at the ultra-trendy South Beach nightspot Goddess. Featuring six Playmates and a display of the Malaguti scooter line, this party was one of the highlights of the entire Conference.”

- DMA Dance