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Fabrizio Ortella

Deeply Rooted House, Groove Sense Records, Next Dimension Music
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Ortella, according to Thump Magazine, considered as the The King Of Clubbing in lyon,

not because of his attitude but for the constant work he achieved the last ten years.

Discreet as a person but also as an artist, his musical presence is everywhere in the house scene,

from Rutilance Label with DJ Steaw where he gets the bigger focus with 3 EPs,

but also before through Dj Deep Deeply Rooted house or even few appearances

on Louie Vega compilations to his nowadays own imprint, Mad In Lyon Series,

released on his new home Mad Recordings.

The producer style is versatile, mostly Garage, House and New-Jersey house oriented,

but he can always surprises with some Deep-House vibes, Debby House or Dub techno flavored tracks.

No limits for Ortella, as said his motto From Thugs To Clubs, and as tattooed on his left hand,

Music is a quest and thats the only things matters.

From Johannesburg to Shibuya, Ortella sticked to his image and to his passion,

giving the best of it and always sharing with pleasure what he learned day to day

during this long journey.