Top 25k on The DJ List


Cairo, Egypt

Hip-Hop, House

Deep Garnet Records
Fabrics Beatport


Fabrics is made out of two music loving djs. They started as friends and ended as djs. They are Fady and Mohamed. They knew them selves while they were in the BBC school. Afterwards they left school and didn’t here from each others. But accidentally they met in Marina in summer ‘06. Then they made the best decision, to be djs. Together they gave a better taste to music which you can’t resist it.

Let’s talk about Mohamed first. His nickname as known is Mud and since his father’s name is Ashraf than he turned it in to Usher. Combined: Mud Usher…he is the hip hop and R&B part of the two. He is half Turkish and half Egyptian. His music can make you jump off your wheelchair and dance till the end of the night. Mud is also famous for his magnificent R&B beats.

Now it is Fady’s turn. He started from the beginning, as he listened to walkman, cd player, mp3 player, i-pod and at last to his dj gear. He always had this dream to stand in front of lots of people and play the music he and they love. To entertain them with his magical sound of music which makes you want to dance more than you ever wanted. He is the Trance and the House guy. The beats of the music he plays walks throw your veins and runs directly to your heart. Fady played with some national djs like Khaled hussein, Cheetos and others. He played next to international djs too like the one and only dj MARK KNIGHT..

So briefly they are the dudes, the kings of sound and the best!!!!!