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From playing pirate radio to residing at Britain’ most exciting and ground breaking clubs, Fabio and Grooverider have forged a path that has shaped the sound of drum ‘n’ bass along the way. Like most DJs Fabio and Grooverider hate being pigeonholed. Most people associate them exclusively with being on the cutting edge of drum ‘n’ bass, but that’ not even half the story. They have been equally vital in establishing the house, techno and early breakbeat scenes in the UK. Fabio and Grooverider first hooked up in early 1987 at Phase One, a pirate radio station which also featured the likes of Colin Dale and Dave Angel. An instant rapport was established as Fabio dropped funk and soul numbers over Grooverider’ hip hop beats and their legendary back-to-back style was born. In addition to this, Fabio and Grooverider both run successful labels (Creative Source and Prototype respectively) with all of this and weekly shows on Kiss FM and the Metalheadz Sunday sessions to boot their star has never shone brighter. “There’ no difficulty playing back-to-back with Fabio,” says Grooverider. “We have been doing it for so many years we’ve got a telekinetic link or something. We don’t play the same music but it all gels together. We can even switch around. Fabio might play hard one day and I’ll play a bit more jazzy. It works. It’ as simple as that.”