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Fabio Della Torre

Fiesole, Italy

Bosconi Records
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Fabio della Torre is the founder of Bosconi records and with his friend, Ennio Colaci, he is producing and appearing under the project name Minimono.

Today Fabio is a central figure in the evolution of electronic music in Italy, always bringing freshness and innovation, whether he is performing live with Ennio, or spinning records. In 1995, introduced to electronic music, captured by the DJ culture, Fabio bought turntables and began his adventure as disc jockey. Short after this he inaugurated ‘Mint’, a night at the prestigious Tenax club in Florence, whose music policy is focused on experimental techno. Thank to his studies he moved to Berlin in 2000-2001. After witnessing the boom of German labels like Bpitch Control and Pokerflat, fascinated by new electronic sounds, Fabio returned to Florence and founded BerlinMitteGroup collective, promoting the ‘Berlin-Electro’ weekly party at Florence Ex-Mud club.

Season 2002 2003 was very important for him, becaming resident at Ex-Mud and a part of the

RedBullHomeGroove DJ team. In that period he started playing alongside with artists like Ellen Allien, Luomo, Sasha Funke and more. Further and important developments of Fabio’s artistic profile were achieved by him in 2004-05, when he founded the continuous event called ‘Werk’ in Florence, supporting some of the biggest representatives in the innovative techno/house scene, international names such as Jay Haze, Mathew Jonson, Luciano, Krikor and majesty Daniel Bell. In the same season Fabio started the collaboration with electronic producer Ennio Colaci, forming the project Minimono. In 2005-06, he released his first production with David C. under the name “Fabio della Torre” followed by Magenta EP on Tenax records. Minimono also took off releasing for Tenax, Telegraph, Tuningspork, Ethique and love letters from Oslo. More recent is his collaboration with his friend Mattako with who he is doing the project QuiTèFruT. They had releases on Telegraph and Bosconi.

Production wise while Minimono presents a funky and musical spirit, Fabio della Torre focuses more on electronic techno productions, as well as deep and welcoming sound.

As a DJ, Fabio has developed a style where electronic meets dub and Detroit techno, where house, disco and funk blend together, shaping a deep and often unpredictable atmosphere. Passing from one style to another through brilliant mixes and smooth taste, Fabio’s set can bring you to very original moments on the dancefloor with suspense, feelings and warmness…! For many years he is regularly spinning records at the famous Italian club Tenax where he has a monthly residency and also in Salerno at the Iroko Club!