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When it comes to talent and style, F1NALE (Tim Fisher), little to nothing, can really come close. At only 21 years of age, F1NALE has become one of the most sought after producers of his time. Known for making people go crazy at parties, clubs, and many other events.

Coming from humble beginnings,Tim has a passion for music that many DJs cannot match. What seemed like an innocent passion soon developed into something on a far grander scale. The fruits of this profound artistic connection has produced hundreds of tracks that are played around the world at this very moment. F1NALE remixing skills remain fully flexed in recent months having already produced a number of remixes for artists such as Deadmau5, Morgan Page, and Calvin Harris.

Although F1NALE is no longer a full time active dj, he is working hard in the studio on material that will re invent the way we see electronic music. The name “F1NALE” wasn’t chosen to be a DJ name at all says Tim. “It was chosen to be the name of the specific performance I play when I hit the decks.” When Tim describes performance he doesn’t mean mixing 2 tracks together and that just being it. The F1NALE performance is the collaboration between micro sampling with Ableton Live & the DJ aspect with CDJ Turntables along with live Vocal artists. F1NALE is drenched with unmatchable style and classy on stage style. “There is really nothing that isn’t reachable by this young and talented artist” Future Music Magazine quotes.