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… "I was going through ideas of how to present myself on the most friendly and accessible way, without describing where all I have performed in recent years and with whom I played, so I decided to avoid all these “pronouncements” and do it my way ;).. Below is my description in few simple paragraphs, written in third person.. so, for any other information about me, I suggest using a bit of imagination and different type of connections from the world wide web.. typing in my name I’m sure you’ll get enough details about me and my work so far.. "

It’s a fact that the world’s clubbing scene is developing as fast as never before.. movement of young people around the world, achieved large proportions in the last few years. There are not only rumors but already loud complainings about too many “Dj’s” and self called producers out on the market.. Sure they are! Until modern technology enables that software is accessible to anyone and easy to learn. Therefore, the idea of a DJ career is simply “born” overnight. The market is becoming some sort of battlefield where each musician fights for his audience and reputation. Gathering through social networks and an open access to almost every individual’s detail, doesn’t hide anything anymore. Any name can be checked to ensure whether his music or his style is worth of our deeper attention.

This musician followed by us, belongs to a few chosen artists, that are building their career for many years. We are talking about a quiet, patient and at times shy man, which conceals a huge heart with a remarkable sense for human beings. It’s not a secret that his journey into music career started at his early teenage years and neither that each new project brings him closer to his dreams. Positive attitude, dedicated work and full concentration are base rules to which he remains faithful all the time.

Younger generation of established talents from Slovenia is standing, beyond quality sound and great ideas of today’s clubbing scene…Ales Furlan aka. F.Sonik is one of them. In the swirl of nightlife he has been increasing attention on himself, especially with quality and distinctive tech-house sound. He is developing and outstanding his talent through his own music stages, which led him to the closest genre where he fits in the best way. Although he stresses out that he doesn’t want to be defined under a specific genre, because he wants to offer his best music selection, so that the audience will enjoy through the whole evening. He still remains faithful to the underground clubbing scene, which for many clubbers still remains the only genuine and “valid” one. He is gaining support from older and sophisticated experts from the underground clubbing scene and he knows that they are following his personal development and accepting him as their own; all this means the world to him. His final “products” are without doubts placed among top ones and for a quite long time are already moving young people in clubs around the world to dance.. “always new and loyal audience is the greatest gift for a DJ and producer..” F. Sonik adds.

He is of course aware that the existence and popularity in the clubbing scene can’t be earned overnight, so he learned the importance of gaining audience and “standing” on the ground from the beginning till the end of his career.

With this brief description we do not want to prove something, but we want to attract your attention to find more about F. Sonik ;)

F. Sonik will keep developing into a top DJ and producer, so for the next period he promises some remarkable products inside his own groovy, tech-house style .

Like we said…clubbing scene is growing… Are you fast enough to follow him? ;)