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Saved Records, Serial Records
F.E.X Beatport


Parisian DJ and producer over the last 20 years, F.E.X. made over 100 releases and remixes on various labels like Pokerflat, Systematic, Dessous, Safari, Upon You, Saved and more. Do you remember of his “Indie Walk” track anthem on Serial Records? He gets also his own label called Robotronic and got on board Marc Romboy, Martin Landsky, Ron Costa or Pig & Dan to name a few. After 20 years of traveling and producing F.E.X. is still experimenting new sounds and looking for what machines can do. F.E.X. grew his experience in the electronic music between deep and warm techno ready for small clubs like Badaboum or big festivals (Burning Man, Kazantip for example). In November 2014 he released an album “F.E.X. 2.0” which was the celebration of 20 years of love machines with echoes, reverbs, nice drums 909, 808 and Acid 303. All with respect and integrity, as he always does. In 2015 his latest releases “Rough Cough” and “Leo Dance” went on the Upon You ‘X’ series and got supported by many great names such as Âme, Laurent Garnier, Marco Resmann, Etapp Kyle, Slam, Dj Hell or Marco Carola. Always in studio, F.E.X. is going back to tour with Shmn in 2016.

F.E.X. vient de sortir “2.0”, son nouvel album, qui célèbre 20 ans d’amour pour la musique. DJ Parisien mais également producteur, F.E.X. compte à son actif plus de 100 sorties et remixes sur un grand nombre de labels : Pokerflat, Systematic, Dessous, Safari… mais également le sien, Robotronic. Après vingt années partagées entre voyages et productions, F.E.X. est toujours le même homme : passionné, avide de nouvelles expériences, de nouveaux sons et toujours à la recherche d’originalité dans ses productions et ses DJ sets. Sa culture et son expérience dans l’univers éclectique des musiques électroniques, entre deep et techno, font de lui un DJ tout aussi à l’aise dans de petits clubs comme en festivals (Burning Man, Kazantip).