Top 25k on The DJ List


Bangkok, Thailand



This Fresh and Explosive Revolution in the dancehall (F.E.R., real name: Fernando) began to work as a Dj in 1984, in legendary Pubs and Discos from a Turistic city called Murcia, in the south of SPAIN (K2, Codigo, Universidad pub, La Bolsa, Kallejon Disco, Exagono Disco, Ole Murcia, and places from La Manga Beach and other pubs from Lo Pagan Beach). At the same time, he began to work in the radio as well (Onda Regional and Radio Sureste and later, Cadena 100).

F.E.R. followed his career as dj working at PACHA Murcia, where he had the opportunity to meet with Wally Lopez. After working in Capitel Disco, another legendary pub in this city, he moved to Bangkok last June.

His style is an explosive mix between Ibiza house, Funky house, Vocal house, Pop house, Fresh house and Tribal house, so you can’t stop dancing all night.

His experience in Thailand includes Cafe Democ (every mounth), Silk Bar, Groove Kitchen, Glow, Bacardi-MTV Festival at Chiang Mai, Domo State Tower, and Routte 66 (RCA).

F.E.R. usually plays with vinyl and cds.