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Ezequiel Marotte

La Plata, Argentina

House, Progressive House

CE Records, Liquid Grooves, Mestiza Records
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Some 24 years ago, on one april the 2nd, in the city of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ezequiel Marotte was born. Son of young parents, he grew up under the influence of rock music, funk and early 80’s house music, whose sounds would configure his very own style on the following years.

At the beginning of his adolescence Ezequiel started as a dj, showing great interest in electronic music. Because of that, he was involved in many events that were taking place in different clubs and local bars, reaching his first residence at the age of 19. His main referents of this period were: Hernán Cattaneo, Deep Dish, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, Underworld y John Digweed, among other artists and bands from the electronic world scene.

Ezequiel aimed his carreer to electronic production, innovating with particular and unique sounds in mix, as well as in productions. His first release was a coproduction made with his friend, DJ and producer Minoru Hirata. His following productions gained international support from artists like John Digweed, Hernán Cattáneo, Abbys, Deepsky, Sultan, Tarkán, Deep Mariano, Guille Quero and Paul Kwitek, among others.

Today, with only 24 years old, Ezequiel has showed his sessions in different radios all around the world, demonstrating an original style. At present, he is planning to play outside Argentina and has many productions and remixes in labels such as: Elettrika Records (Italia), Progrezo Records (Colombia), Existence Records (Canadá), Entrainment Records (Dubai), Bit Records (Mexico), Jetlag Digital (Alemania), Ce Records (Venezuela), Purplecat Digital (México), Liquid records and Mestiza Records (Argentina).