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Having spun on the same line-up as such names as Richard “Humpty” Vission (Oneworld Entertainment), X-Dream (Caffeine Records) and Josh “The Funky 1” (IHR), DJ Exploit is quickly becoming a name to know. Spinning two distinct styles, Exploit can either trance out a crowd of any size with his selection of melodies and riffs, or drive a crowd into a hysteric frenzy of dancing with Hard House and Nu-Nrg.

His two unofficial CD releases, “Polymorphism” and “Forever”, are prime examples of DJ Exploit’s track selection and skill behind the decks. “Polymorphism” demonstrates his ability to keep the pace of the crowd moving and accelerating as the set continues, finally closing it off with a familiar tune that would make even the crowd’s parents dance. “Forever” combines both new and older trance tracks, mixed together to make the crowd feel like just maybe, there’s a completely separate realm for the mind to explore while the beats are played.

Bringing more than just records to his performances, DJ Exploit also likes to surprise the crowd with small pyrotechnic displays, timed to perfection with the set buildups. Anyone can spin records, but only an elite few can truly perform for a crowd, giving them a night they will never forget.