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Rockin’ out since the mid 90’,has continued to push the boundaries of electronic music with hard Chicago house style. DJ Exodus has been dubbed many nick names on the east coast, such as the Headdrilla, and the Bassbin wrecker. With his hard-edged sound and ridiculous scratching skills, Exodus has blazed a path all over the country dropping his unique blend of Chicago hardhouse, funky hardhouse and turntablism. With countless events under his belt, and a style he credits to people like Bad Boy Bill, Doc Martin, Bam Bam , and DJ Dan, Exodus has without a Shadow of a doubt made his presence felt.

Exodus got his start in 1993 in Staten Island, NY. A native of New York City, Exodus’ began his musical career by playing small all ages night club events in 1994 age of 14. In 1997 while he was playing a small nightclub even, he was approached by a promotional director from the legendary Tunnel nightclub in New York City, and was offered a job. He excepted and Held a spot as a resident DJ there for 3 years, as well as a residency at the Limelight in New York City and Stingrays in New Jersey. During this time he had also began his interest in the underground.

In 1998 Exodus began producing and playing rave events as well, and this was truly a turning point in his musical influences. During this time period his style became rapidly harder and more cutting edge. With many tracks under his belt, Exodus has produced tracks ranging in all styles of house music, trance, and even hardcore . A true ear for music, Exodus has the ability to move the crowd on any given occasion, and work the people into a frenzy and an unequaled state of pure ecstasy and bliss, with his unbelievable track selection and mixing abilities. Dropping jaws and opening your mind is just one of the things you can come to expect when coming to see this diverse artist on the decks. As a performer, Exodus thrives off the crowds energy and excitement as he gives his all into his sets, pumping blood , sweat and tears into every beat on every record with a unique dexterity all his own.

To this date has played some of the biggest events in the northeast and all of the largest clubs in NYC as well as events all over the country. A visionary in ways, Exodus is looking to bring his near future to his present by working extremely hard at being the best he can be, as an artist, DJ and producer. His current projects include a slew of track releases on Dub Base records and Glow records, as well as his new CD “Harder than House” volume 1, and his upcoming CD releases “Groove Nation” and “Harder than House” volume 2 . With a style and raw precision all his own, and unbelievable scratching skills, Exodus looks to expand on his career and elevate himself to the pinnacle of electronic music culture, and now in 2002, with the birth of his new record label Dub Base Records, things are only looking up.

Hard edged, raw, always on point, Exodus makes it a point to always cater to the crowd, and aims to be a crowd pleaser and to this day has played with some of the worlds biggest DJ/producers including people like DJ Scot Project, Doc Martin, Tiesto, Richard “Humpty” Vission, Green Velvet, Jeff Mills, Claudio Cocolutto, Bad Boy Bill, Christopher Lawrence, Joey Beltram, Richie Hawtin, Nostrum, Loxy & Ink, Dieselboy, Danny Tenaglia, Junior Vasquez, Skylab2000, Sandra Collins, Scott Henry, Charles Feelgood, Frankie Bones, Adam X, Terry Mullan, Angel Alanis, and Spacegirl, just to name a few.