DJ Evolved. Not a name...a statement. A description of the music's origin. This music descended from punk rock, climbed out of the primordial soup two-stepping, began swi... read more



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DJ Evolved. Not a name…a statement. A description of the music’s origin. This music descended from punk rock, climbed out of the primordial soup two-stepping, began swinging from the trees with jazz and hip hop rhythms and evolved to its current form from the DJ culture. The final product is…DJ Evolved.

“How Sweet It Is!” Was the rave that tore him away from two bands and converted him into a full on vinylphile. He promptly sold his motorcycle, got two Technics 1200M3D turntables and never looked back. That was in 2000 and his path has since lead him to play shows hosted by Adult film Star Legend Ron Jeremy and Playboy Playmate of the Year 2004 LaTasha Marzolla, warmed up audiences for Bad Religion and cooled them down on bass guitar after Boz Scaggs. He has played fundraisers for the Cistic Fibrosis Foundation, Buy Me Love Benefits bachelor/ette auctions, Earthdance San Diego, ZTA Fashion Show Fundraiser and many more.

He began playing the Alto Saxophone and Piano which helped him discover his talent and passion for music. In 2003 he graduated with a B.A. in Music from the University of California, Berkeley.

Not only did he hone his skills as a musician (he plays and teaches Alto Sax, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano, etc.) but he also got to work up his turntable skills at local college events.

He quickly assumed his role as a resident DJ of the Oscar Wilde Co-Op House and frequently spun parties at their sister Co-op houses (pajama parties, Halloween parties, Disco parties, and yes, the all-mighty back-to-back STRIPPER Parties!), and still managed to graduate with honors.

He has held residencies at Deco’s, the Red Circle Lounge, the Rhythm Lounge, Club Montage, the Luna Lounge, Numbers Nightclub and Caines.

DJ Evolved has brought his funky hard house sets to packed houses as he opened for DJ greats such as DJ Micro, recognized by DJ Times as “America’s Best DJ” and by the Club Music Awards for the “Best DJ Set,” Ollie from the Warp Bros., Thee-O, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss, Jon Bishop, Beej, Steve Loria and others.

DJ Evolved has incorporated his own tracks and live performance skills to The House of Blues in San Diego and Las Vegas. He has opened for “Billy Joel and Elton John” at The Belly Up Tavern, Humphrey’s by the Bay, The Las Vegas Hilton Pool Pre-Party, Galileo 101, The Rhythm Lounge, Kadan’s, The Honey Bee Hive and more…

He is currently working on the Conscious rEvolution Live Show that invites the audience to experience all 6 senses in a 1 to 2 hour session that elevates participants to the 3rd Level with live instruments, digital visual expressions, fusion dance, and exclusive dance floor remixes.