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Waterloo, Canada

Drum & Bass, Techno

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Born in El Salvador,Resident in canada

Began Djing in 92, Like most Djs doing the long bedroom hours of practice and house Party’s/Local events by mixing hip hop and blending Turntablism along with jungle/Drum & Bass then moving on to a variety of Electronic music.Influenced by the Electronic/Rave scene in Toronto & after several Raves & Falling in love with the intense vibe proceeded to become versatile in his knowledge of music.

Started to produce his own music and Now focused on Djing / production hope’s to reach a higher level of musical learning and involvement.

+ Thanks for listening and let’s all stay positive,

the world needs us positive people

+And a massive massive positive vibe to El Salvador

in many hopes that the violence/Life gets better as days go by.