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One word is necessary when describing the multi-talented, multifaceted, and quintessential EVA: Dangerous. An artist who’s taken DJing to places that most dream of while playing records in their bedroom. As an accomplished DJ, Eva has staked her claim in the international world of electronic music while remaining instrumental in the shaping of the northwest United States’ music scene. When behind the decks, this powerful presence can only be described as grabbing the dance floor by the balls, looking it in the eyes, and giving it one option – to paint the walls with sweat and wear holes through the soles of its shoes. Her music commands attention, breaks hearts, and is just so all-around nasty that it requires a written waiver releasing her of responsibility for all bodily harm caused by excessive dancing. Her record box is so full of mind-bending, forward thinking, and dominating music that it has been the cause, and the end, of relationships, political organizations, and the occasional war. With such obvious talent, known as the girl with the “golden ears”, it’s only logical that her genius has been lauded by an astonishingly intimidating list of heavy hitters like Felix Da Housecat and Kris Menace, to name a couple, and even instigated an invitation from UNKLE’s front man, James Lavelle, for an exclusive appearance at London’s infamous Fabric Live. Her capabilities have become so recognized that they’ve seen the breadth and the width of the globe, impregnating dance floors in Canada; South America; Europe; Hong Kong; Seoul, Korea; and Guangzhou and Shenyang, China.

Eva’s talent and dedication so permeates every part of her career that it’s no surprise that her production work has been seminal, to say the least, prompting yet another invitation from Lavelle – this time for a remix of UNKLE’s ‘Invasion,’ featured on his ‘Global Underground, Romania’ album. The attention gained from this much celebrated release brought more remix work in the form of a high- profile remix of Kelly Osbourne’s ‘One Word’, Peter Juergen’s anthem ‘Love It’ and ‘Builder’ on Work it Baby Records, France. Loved and supported by everyone from Audiofly and Hernan Cattaneo to the Disco Boys who used ‘Builder’ as a signature track to rock massive festivals, Time Warp and Mayday in Germany.

Eva’s burgeoning passion for what she does is such that it can’t be restricted to just the DJing and producing side of things. Eva’s insight into what makes music what it should be saw EVA conceptualize and create her own global, music-publishing agency, Stay Gold Entertainment, licensing independent music for film, commercials, video games, and new media.

With a resume of accomplishments that could easily fill a set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s, it’s no wonder that many look to Eva for something different, something innovative, something iconic, and something of such superior quality as to be uncontested. – Evan Alexander