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Eva T

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Some dubbed her “The Diva From The South”. Some defined her as the fastest growing “Open Format Queen“ in Malaysia. Eva T is a true deejay at heart with a deep passion for everything music. Always meticulous in every aspect of what she does best & is constantly keeping herself up to date with the latest beats & trends, Eva T picks only the latest & finest tunes to suit the ever-changing tastes of the young & sleepless. She is often described as a charismatic newcomer, with the ability to leave a lasting impression upon her audience well after the night is over.

DJ Eva T has done her share of travelling; touring around & having gigs both in & out of Malaysia. DJ Eva T has done several international performances for clubs in Australia, Philippines, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore & Indonesia. Locally, she has graced the hottest clubs in Kuala Lumpur and has already been touring around the whole Malaysia.

In 2010, Eva T was given the honour to appear as one of the performing acts for one of the biggest parties of the year, Hennessy Artistry Halo, and was one of the first local female deejays to take what she does best centre stage. The wonderful part is, she is the first DJ that performed in 3 different country of Hennessy Artistry around the world which is Sydney, Melbourne, Malaysia and Cambodia. Apart from that, she was also featured on a local television channel (8TV) for two of their programmes, The Celebrity Live Chat & 8TV Quickie.

Eva T is well known for her brilliant fusion of the finest mashup electronic dance tracks with the upbeat & contemporary sounds of electro house music. Her passion & enthusiasm for music showed no signs of stopping. In 2010, Eva T was voted “Best Upcoming DJ” by JUICE magazine. Not only that, she was the face of The Pacemaker , Malaysia & is the only DJ who has ever given the privilege to perform live using The Pacemaker in Malaysia.

Eva T always gets the crowd pumping with her awesome tunes & her enthusiastic interaction with the crowd. Due to her ever-growing influence amongst clubbers & her ever-increasing fan base, she was once offered a spot as a resident DJ for both country, current club in Malaysia & New Asia Bar in Singapore.

She has come a long way from just an ordinary girl from the south. The sky’s the limit for this aspiring young performer & all we can say is…stay tuned.