His passion for dance and electronica music was borne in LONDON, whilst studying Fine Art at the Central St Martins School of Art & Design. It was during this period that E... read more
Eugene Beatport


His passion for dance and electronica music was borne in LONDON, whilst studying Fine Art at the Central St Martins School of Art & Design. It was during this period that Eugene developed his turntable skills, after being exposed to the numerous underground CLUBS/sounds of dub, speed garage, hardcore house, techno and drum & bass in a variety of locations in and around London, from small clubs, super clubs & massive raves. Having resided in London for over 12 years from 1985 – 1997, Eugene experience the growth & fracturing of the UK dance scene, first hand. With the initial birth of the pirate radio stations like Touchdown, KOOLfm, Rush. in London and the underground railway parties, including the super clubs and one-off events, it was clear that Eugene would not turn back. It was not long before artists such as The Orb, Mr.C, Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, Grooverider, Sasha, LTJ Bukem and Andy Weatherall became major influences for Eugene’s musical palette.

Returning to Malaysia with his Bachelor of Arts degree, Eugene formed Tempo Events Sdn Bhd with like-minded and top local DJs who felt the need to create a dance scene right here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He has since been committed to contributing his efforts as a DJ, promoter and event organizer with Tempo, showcasing cutting-edge DJ’s, artists and events. In June 2002, Tempo created a Malaysian dance brand, REGENERATETM. Now coming Into Its 5th year, This event has proved to be a tremendous hit, attracting thousands of loyal followers. Not only Is Regenerate a showcase for local and International artistes, It serves as a viable platform from which up-&-coming DJ’s can gain recognition. Needless to say he has since played virtually every Regenerate party.

Eugene was Instrumental In making Kuala Lumpur a clubbing capital with constant organizing of numerous pioneering warehouse and outdoor parties, including the creation and conceptualization of Movement (2000-2001) and Carbon Club (2001-2002) over the past six (6) years, has tremendously helped shape our current local dance scene, which now boasts international status. While continuously evolving as a artist, Eugene’s mixing style is a smooth and seamless effort, often riding the line between funky & electro house / techno and deep house. Skewed towards the more underground artists and labels, Eugene indulges in funky and uplifting grooves, with synthesized and percussive sounds, working the effects / FX to create his own unique vibe.

A keen interest & talent in break beats & drum & bass also sees DJ Eugene play exclusive one-off parties that cater to the niche of breaks headz in Kuala Lumpur. He was Malaysia’s first proper DJ to pioneer the drum & bass scene in the early days.

His notable sets were playing with; “Renaissance World Tour” feat. Timo Mass, Plastikman’s Live Tour 2001, Future KUL feat. Freq Nasty, DJ Courtney, DJ G -Flame, Osmosis feat. Jun Kitamura, Regenerate Red Countdown feat. Josh Wink. The highlight for 2004 would definitely be playing alongside DJs; Timo Maas, Fergie (BBC Radio 1) & Ashley Casselle at the Regenerate Red Zone party, which had a turn out of over 5000 people. Eugene also played at the Regenerate Red Zone event at the Sepang Go-Kart circuit, which attracted 7000 clubbers.

Another notable accomplishment for this KL DJ, was a mention in the Global Clubbing Issue of ‘Muzik’ magazine in July 2000, for ‘Best Resident DJ’ (alongside Ben Katana & Gabriel) and ‘Best Club’ (Movement Club) in Kuala Lumpur.


1. Deep house & tech funk/Pumping techno & Disco

2. Intelligent & Funky – Drum & Bass

Played alongside:

DJ Fabio (UK)

DJ Freq Nasty (UK)

DJ Adam Freeland (UK)

DJ Ritchie Hawtin aka Plastikman

DJ Jeff Mills (USA)

DJ Gaetano Parisio (Italy)

DJ Timo Mass (Germany

DJ Aubrey (UK)

Space DJ’z (UK)

DJ Courtney (USA)

DJ Richard Grey (UK)

Wet Muzik (Australia)

DJ Aldrin (Singapore)

DJ Jun Kitamura (Japan

DJ Mark Farina (USA)

DJ Colin Dale (UK)

DJ Dave Mothersole (UK)

DJ G-Flame (Portugal)

DJ Josh Wink (USA)

The Scumfrog (USA)

DJ Ashley Casselle (UK)