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Mixing the World’s hottest sounds from the most exclusive tracks, DJ ETRONIQ has managed to spin some of the hottest mixes and sets with an original and captivating stage presence, progressing the EDM community throughout Pittsburgh and other cities.

With the Electronic movement being decades old in Europe, Croatian-born DJ Etroniq grew up with heavy influence and knowledge of the electronic scene, with vinyls of artists known very well around the world, but not so much in the United States. With the EDM explosion of the recent years, DJ Etroniq has taken the initiative to bring the hottest, and most exclusive sounds of the world under one mixer to the countries’ most prolific new EDM hotspot- Pittsburgh, PA.

Bringing a captivating collection of body shaking electro to the ears of many audiences, DJ Etroniq strives to spread the power of EDM through a unique and original experience, brought forth by a engaging stage presence and a selection of sounds that serve the purpose of bringing the floor to life. Using a variety of EDM genres, and incorporating local, national, and international productions into the mix, DJ Etroniq passionately provides a outlet for breaking Electronica for all to enjoy.