Etienne Beatport


Based in Paris, Etienne started DJing in 1997, in many directions as funk, rock, drum & bass, house (vocal, deep, tribal, progressive, and electro) and trance (progressive & psychedelic). He became a resident dj in pubs (hide out, bar three and more), and later playing in the psychedelic trance (Gibus club resident) and house scene. He had been influenced by many artists like Masters at Work, Kaskade and D Formation. In his djs sets he was a mantra of music from 2003 to 2005. Some gigs have been at Nirvana Lounge in Paris, City Vox party in Marseille, Acapulco in Calvi (Corsica) with Ariel Wizman, Bed Supperclub in Bangkok (Thailand) with Edmundo Carneiro (percussionist of St Germain), and more. In 2005, his friends Charles (Triptych/Solead) & Vincent (Motion/Solead) picked him in the Solead Music Team, to represent his deep progressive house influences in the collective, with a touch of groove and deeper melodies. Besides being a progressive house dj, he plays also psychedelic trance as international dj with Turbo Trance Records since 2004. He has played in Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Germany, and France. He has collaborated on a Talamasca and Triptych track. This year he’s preparing a compilation “Accelerator 4.0”, on his label, set for release December 4th 2006.