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Chicago, United States


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ET a.k.a Evan Toutz has been working in the underground electronic scene for over seventeen years.

He started working for Roy Buck. (A.T.P Chicago) back in 94’. A.T.P. was a hard techno influenced promotional company that specialized in bringing owners of underground record labels, producers, and d.j.‘s to the united states from europe. He helped with promoting and organizing shows with A.T.P. This included street teaming flyers, setting up venues, playing host to the out of area d.j.’s and dj’ing.

A.T.P. Helped to build careers for a lot of d.j.‘s. Well known for it’s “Dee-Day” parties every Halloween, they also coordinated events in conjunction with “Catalyst” records, aka Terry Mullan, and with “Majesty” recordings, aka Mike Dearborn. It was a tight network enabling A.T.P. to have contacts with some of the largest European acts of that time.

By 97’ the scene had been changing, warehouse parties were outlawed by the mayor of Chicago and the club scene started becoming more aware and interested in the music he had already been promoting. So he went back to his roots of dj’ing and started playing nationally.

Around the year two thousand he thought it was time to find a new sound, he had been through the genres of “Acid Techno”, “Trance”, and “Hard House” by the end of 95’, and 01’ had been burnt out on “Progressive” and “Deep Prog”. He was looking to change things up a bit and at that point when he was introduced to “Nu Breaks” and “Tech-House”. This opened up a whole new world of music for him, plus he got to get back to his old roots of straight up “Techno”.

His mixing style is like no one else in the industry combining four on the floor techno with wobble and breakbeats.