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Orlando, United States


Banging Grooves Records
Essence Beatport


DJ Essence, an Orlando native, started his career as a Roller Skating Rink Disc Jockey. Since back in the day, both kids and adults from all over Florida have come out to listen to his specatcular mixing sets in which he combines music ranging from Funky Breaks, Freestyle, Booty, Bass, Hip-Hop, House, and Trance. At every show that ESSENCE performs at, it is guranteed that people come out to listen to his musically loaded showcase as he reaches to a crowd of various kinds of people, ranging from Jamskaters and Breakdancers, all the way to inner city and suburban kids.

His career began back in the early 90’ with his residency at the 2nd highest ranked roller skating facility in the United States, Semoran Skateway. It was here that he learned the art of mixing and scratching from two of his biggest mentors, Chris Gehret, and Bill McLaughlin. After gaining this knowledge, and expanding his musical collection, ESSENCE began to learn some of the tricks and scratching techniques that were being used by other dj’, such as the more famous Transformer scratch, crab scratch, beat juggle, and back spin. He would spend hours just sitting and listening to tapes of other dj’ on the radio and at the roller skating rink. Then he would go home and begin to create his own style of both mixing at scratching on excepting perfection. The product being sets, that would make people want to skate and dance all night long to the beats and the rythm he would produce.

As for the future, Essence has now taken on the role of becoming a Remix/Producer in which he plans on creating tracks with a sound solely of his own, combining the old and the new, topped with a few tricks and a bit of scratching. So everyone needs to keep their eyes and ears wide open, because DJ ESSENCE will be heading your way to make you DANCE!