Espion Beatport


Espion is based in Glasgow, Scotland and has been producing a variety of styles of electronica since 1994.

Stephen Arnold, originally from Inverness, set up live electronic music events in Glasgow and Edinburgh from 2000, plus held residencies in many other clubs such as Super Scientists, Pogo Vogue, Camouflage, The Institute for Electronic Artists and the illustrious techno night, Dogma; in Edinburghs Studio 24. In 2002 he launched Hyperoctave to promote the scene.

Signed to Orson Records in 2004, he soon released his debut ep Battlestations, featuring the tracks Nitrosamines, Gamma Livestock, Battlestations and Battlestations (orchestral), a layered, epic record with dark and aggressive beats. Later, in 2005, saw remixes released for:

Transparent Sound – Hair Cut Fantasy – Exceptional/Orson

Transparent Sound – Proper Techno – Tyrant

Who Is Who – Spot The Difference – Electrix

Vector Lovers – Nostalgia 4 the future – Soma

Halstone – Real Live – Orson

Transparent Sound – Hell Bent – Orson

Heavily influenced by artists from labels such as Warp Records, Clone, Itiswhatitis, Ghostly and Underground Resistance, plus film soundtracks, jazz and other music styles, Espions work – dancefloor orientated or other – cannot be easily defined. From epic, melodic electronica, to electro, breakbeat, techno and drum n bass, he is torn between genres.