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Eric White (AKA Eryk Orpheus) has a long history of involvement and success in the music industry, he is best known for being the song writing and production force behind O... read more
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Eric White (AKA Eryk Orpheus) has a long history of involvement and success in the music industry, he is best known for being the song writing and production force behind Orpheus 2, and now he’s concentrating on his solo, Intelli-Trance, project and you can expect great things in the very near future.

Eric’s career started at the age of fifteen as guitarist and songwriter in a band called Monkfish who quickly became respected and sought after on the London gigging circuit. The band remained together for ten years and enjoyed playing at some of London’s finest live venues including The Mean Fiddler, Camden Falcon, The Rock Garden and The Bull and Gate to name but a few. He has also supported bands such as Radiohead, The Cranberries and Adorable as well as having performed live sessions for the BBC.

Whilst performing with Monkfish Eric started to gain an increasing interest in the way in which technology was being used within the field of music. At the age of seventeen he purchased his first pro synthesizer (a Roland D5) along with a second hand sequencer (a Yamaha QX21) and started to use the technology to aid his song writing. In the studio Eric would always be at the desk with the engineer, and soon gained a wide knowledge of sound and recording.

Often disappointed by the sound achieved at gigs by engineers, Eric would take responsibility for the sound check and was soon being asked by other bands to engineer for them. Due to his natural talent for production he was employed by The Penny Theatre in Canterbury as the in-house engineer, where he worked with stars such as, Geno Washington, Wilco Johnson, John Otway, Judge Dread, Radiohead, Stereolab, Dr Didg, to name but a few.

When the Venue closed in 1999 Eric was inundated with engineering work and was soon touring Europe as a live engineer. To date he has worked with The brand New Heavies, The Lightning Seeds, Hawkwind, Jim Diamond, Gallagher and Lyle, The L.A. Doors, Black Umfolosi and more recently he has had to turn down tours with David Essex due to commitments to his own musical career. Eric has also worked doing sound for theatre and location recording for television and video productions.

Eric’s determination, dedication and passion for music have become evident in the underground dance scene over the past 5 years. His first journey into dance was as a co-writer and producer for Aural Resonance, a live Pa performing uplifting techno. His most recent project with Orpheus 2 has seen him take the hard trance scene by storm and his continued commitment helped them to become one of the top live PA’s in the country. Eric strives for perfection and he celebrated Orpheus 2’s first single ‘Flatliner’ in March 2003, which was released on Recover Records.

Over the years Eric has worked alongside artists and DJ’s such as, Andy Farley, BK, Lisa Lashes, Captain Tinrib, Pablo Gargano, Lab 4, K90, Chris Liberator, Simon Eve and the list goes on. Some of the nights that Eric has played for include ; Atomic Energy, Sundissential, Antiworld, Roar, Return to the Source, Escape from Samsara, Sunny Side Up and Peach goes Hard.

His production and remix portfolio is continuing to grow and his own uplifting and intelligent style of trance has gained critical acclaim from some of the biggest names in the business.

Already in 2004 Eric has been in the studio with the Nu-Energy collective’s K-Complex and Mark Ashley putting the finishing touches to tunes which are destined for release later in the year. He is also engineering and remixing Group 185 and JD on releases that will be available on Eric’s own Intelli-Trance and Intelli-Trance-NRG record labels in late summer 2004.