Past/ Present... When did you first start spinning? I first started when a fraternity brother handed down his Numark?s to me when he made the jump to some 1200?s back... read more


Location: Los Angeles, United States United States
Genre: House

Past/ Present…

When did you first start spinning?

I first started when a fraternity brother handed down his Numark?s to me when he made the jump to some 1200?s back in college. It was rough getting gigs here and there when everyone you knew was not in to what I was.

What/ who are your inspirations (I know that’s an annoying question, but necessary for some reason)?

I could go for hours about what inspires me. I have to say that I feel blessed to have been exposed to many different genres of music over my life time. Depeche Mode was my first group and still to this day, an inspiration to much of my work so far. I don?t want to point out any particular DJ/Producer at the moment in case I leave anyone out. There?s a lot to go through out there, but when you find it, you?ll know.

Why house? What do you love about it?

I like the energy it gives to the people and everything around it. The smiles and memories it brings. It?s that surge of excitement when you hear that track at the club and every follicle of hair stands up.

What’s your favorite part about spinning (i.e. making people dance/happy? creating music? self enjoyment? technical stuff? something else?…)

As clich├ęd as this sounds ?Life is like a box of chocolates? you never know what you?re gonna get?. It?s almost like a game now and I think to myself, ?how the heck am I going to make this floor shake?? Every crowd is different and the crowd does have a lot of say on what they are in the mood for. There are DJ?s that will force their Artsy Fartsy stuff on the crowd, and then there the ones that remember what DJing is about.

List a couple other favorites- whatever comes to mind (i.e. favorite venue that you’ve spun at OR favorite DJ that you’ve spun with OR favorite classic or new tracks OR favorite crowd/ what you love about playing for the peeps in LA… whatever)

I do have to say that when the crowd responds back to what I do, its the best feeling. It’s like a drug at times. My 2 favorite places to perform are at EM Sundays and Dragon. 2 of the best Sunday Afternoon parties in Los Angeles. The crowd is always ready to shake their arses!


Do you want to start producing or stick to mixes? If you want to produce, what steps are you taking to get there?

Currently, I?m working with several DJ?s and Producers on some original work and looking forward to my first release soon. I?m fortunate to be surrounded with a supporting circle of friends that are willing to lend and hand and share the same goals as I do.

What are your goals for DJing?

I think the technical aspect of my goals have been met in DJing. It?s not a game of who is better than who, it?s about exposure and publicity now.

Where would you like to be in 5 years?

I would hope that after 10 years of hard work, that I will have something to show for.

Where do you think the direction of electronic or house music is headed? I think the U.S. has a lot of catching up to do, and Los Angeles definitely needs to get in gear. I would say that L.A does not get the proper respect it deserves. We got Joshua Heath who just released an EP on Salted, and Justin Gourley who just won top honors for his remix of James Zabiela?s “Weird Science”. We got a lot of work to do and I hope I can be apart of putting L.A. on the map.