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La Paz, Bolivia


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EROFEX is Efrain W. Candia born 07/01/1979 in La Paz, Bolivia.

EROFEX is a Psychedelic Trance music Producer and DJ also.

For music production he uses: Norlead 3, Atlhon M.B., Cubase, Ableton, FL Studio, lots of VST’s. For DJing: He rather CDs because are easier to take.

He has a DJing experience of 8 years and producing 6 years. The style he likes is the Full on Psychelic Trance.

He has musical Influences like Kraftwork. Aphex Twin, Plastikman, Astral Projection, Miranda, a lot of D&B, Ambient, Minimal Techno groups, etc, etc. And the preferred time to play is 4:00 to 7:00 a.m.

Erofex played in Japan, Korea, Spain, Chile, Brasil, Argentina, Peru & all cities in Bolivia.

Promoving he’s Albums: 1) Cosmovision (1999), 2)Opening Doors (2000), 3)Ecosystem (2001), 4)Mind Effects (2002), 5)Third World (2003-2004),

and new 2005, 2006 tracks included in future psytrance compilations.

EROFEX also has other activities like Computer Programming, Web Design, event producer, radio show dj, charango player & others

EROFEX comments: “I love to work with music since i`ve been 8 years old, so it`s very important to me that trance music grows as much as it can”.