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Ernesto vs. Bastian consists of DJ Ernesto and producer Edwin Koelewijn. It appears that the combination of a DJ with ten years of experience, and an equally experienced producer is a voucher for success. Ernesto vs. Bastian are the next generation music directors in dance entertainment.


The first start was in 2001 with big records like ‘Lonely People’ and ‘Being single’. Every big DJ in the world was playing these classics and there was a big hype starting. Ernesto and Bastian did even appear in the UK single charts under their Poisonclub pseudonym with the famous single ‘Ibeatza’. Many big record companies were starting to get interested in E vs. B. Labels like Gang go (Blank and Jones Germany), Anjunabeats (UK) and Vale Music (Spain) signed records like “Being Single” and “Who’s The Starter” which appeared in every dance chart in the world.

The newest single ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ is becoming their biggest hit so far. This is the dance tune everybody is talking about at the moment, you can hear it in every club around the world, you can read about it on the biggest dance-forums, it’s becoming an enormous hype and myth all together. Ernesto and Bastian even had to change their mobile number because of all the phone calls from DJs begging for a promo. This vocal trancer is really something special and almost every DJ thinks it is one of the biggest dance records around! BBC1 DJ Jules already called it the dance anthem for 2005. This monster will be released worldwide Spring 2005.

During all their DJ gigs they do not only play these classics but also very exclusive new material, sometimes fresh from the studio… Trance and progressive (and even a bit of pop) is what they do best. Their sound is influenced by everyone from Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and the Pet Shop Boys to early 80s soul, disco and funk, but it will always be dance-influenced.

Live act

After Ernesto and Bastian had been working together for some time, they wanted to bring their music to the stage. But not just in the traditional way of spinning some funky vinyl to get the crowd going; they wanted it to be more thrilling than that. Ernesto and Bastian wanted to be able to move the audience more directly with their music, and have more interaction with the people on the dance floor than a DJ can with only his records and turntables.

That’s when the idea popped up to form a band-like live-act. They asked singer Michale to join them on stage. Ernesto and Bastian were already familiar with her characteristic voice, as they had used her vocals on tracks like Being Single. Then they challenged drummer Gerrie Spaansen to cook up their electronic beats with his acoustic percussion and drums. While Ernesto & Bastian have a background primarily in electronic music, Michale and Gerrie have had a vast amount of experience in pop and rock bands. In the act that has developed from this, DJ Ernesto forms the base, playing instrumental tracks as well as beats and loops on his turntables, thus providing a massive groove with the impact and that typical exclusive sound of Ernesto vs. Bastian. The singing and enchanting performance of Michale delivers the sparks for the act, aggravated by the uplifting synths played by Bastian and the flaming drums of Gerrie. This unique combination results in a very inspirational live performance, with extreme dynamics and most of all a thrilling dose of musical energy.