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Ernesto, has been in the electronic music scene for 14 years now. At the beginning of his career, after being a guitar enthusiast for many years during his teenage highscholl-college years , started to get interested in electronic music, this was thanks to producers such as The Prodigy, Depeche Mode, Fatboy Slim, Cassius, and many others from around the year 2001.

In later years, Ernesto was influenced by producers that actually made him understand electronic music, such as Danny Tenaglia, Steve Lawler, Erick Morillo, James Holden, Gabriel Ananda, Dominik Eulberg, John Dahlback, and many others.

This was a new way of life for Ernesto, electronic music was a very new way of enjoying music in the region, mostly Latin America . Ernesto got a pair of basic mixers and players off the internet, and started to teach himself how to mix beats.

Around 2006 Ernesto was starting to get involved and djing in very important gigs in the region. In 2007 and 2008 was invited to one of the biggest electronic music festivals in central America, Rave del Castillo, as well opening acts for international djs in Central American countries.

In the year 2008 Ernesto starts his producer career , creating and collaborating with very important producers around the region of Central America. By this time Ernesto has mixed his beats in almost all the major clubs and venues in the region. Invited to hundreds of radio shows and special guest in many major gigs to promote electronic music!

2010 Ernesto creates the overcoming and now one of the most promising outgoing labels in the industry MadRat Productions. This label was specially created to promote and unite electronic music of Central America with the world. MadRat Pro has now been able to make gig collaborations with Definitive Recordings, Beatport, Juno Download, just to name a few, thanks to MadRat

2012 Ernesto having a major in Public Relations and Communications, was able to reach top promoters and record labels to support him, and is now reaching major leagues in the electronic music scene, opening acts for producers such as Olivier Giacomotto and Damon Jee

NOW , Ernesto is having the best time of his career and not stopping here, there are many releases to come and will be available in all the major digital download sites , as well as many major events with international and regional producers await.



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Ernesto Claramount