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Rome, Italy

House, Tech House

AKA: Ernest & Frank

Pure Enjoyment Recording
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Take two old friends, blend their contaminations together with their personal and artistic experience, add the common will to enjoy and give innovative sounds to the Deep House scene. This is how you get that fusion of styles that Ernest and Frank define as Glam Deep House. A strong contrast between opposite philosophies that give rise to this unique “recipe” loaded with the intense, distorted bass lines typical of Deep House, combined with the melodic fills of the electronic music and funk of Chicago, which has made the world dance and dream. A sprinkle of iconic classic House Music singers is the finishing touch for this dish that will delight music lovers with the finest palate.

It is in this experimental context that the two artists have rooted their will to combine – through selections that result from years of research of less commercial sounds – the underground philosophy of the Deep House scene and the idea of joy, freedom of speech, will to party, and cheerfulness, in one word: Glam. Besides innovating the existing scene, this experimental profile creates a completely new clubbing scenario. An open attitude towards novelties is the driving force that overcomes clichés that limit a genre to one standard environment or public; this way, music goes beyond the ideal borders given for granted, making every selection a unique, unrepeatable moment, and returns to being a means to unite people and spread joy among them.

Ernest and Frank’s work has drawn a lot of interest both among the experts and the public right from the beginning. The duo is currently working with various international record labels while they have released their first official track, Minimaleo, with the underground record label, Minimarket Records.

Ernest and Frank are also collecting quite a string of live performances. After the huge success of their set at the R5 World Tour Party at the Dream Hotel in Miami, they are now getting ready to play their tracks at the official Made in Italy party at the Sa Trinxa in Ibiza the 25th of May 2013.