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Erion Gjuzi

Durrës, Albania


Carlo Cavalli Music Group, We Love Publishing
Erion Gjuzi Beatport


Erion Gjuzi : Born in 29/08/1987 in the city of Durres (Albania).He started with the music @ the age 12 studing the instrument Accordion,at the age 15 he start studies @ the School of Arts * Jan Kukuzali * who he stud the Trumpet instrument & the Piano..later he continues to play music while one of his new passion is born,to be a DJ/Producer.

.Start to play Electronic music @ the age 17 and he start to play as DJ around some local club’s…He already has played and continues to play in some club in her sity as example : Modus Club ,T&G Club .. Riviera Club,Port Side Club,Havana Club,Portofino,Fly Bar & Wine,Tropikal Resort,Zapping Club,Lanfi Club(now its Quando Bar),L’Isola Club etc…

He also is working to have his professional Producer/Studio/Recording.He have some of his productions in SoundCloud([Erion-Gjuzi] he is part of the WWW.BeatPort,com…he will continue to play as a DJ& soon will launch his new production…

His family also continued to support his dreams,,

Be free & Open your heart…by Erion Gjuzi