Top 25k on The DJ List

Erin Eden

Edmonton, Canada

House, Tech House


If you’re familiar with Canadian DJ Erin Eden’s brand of sexy, in-your-face, no-holds-barred tech-house, then it will be no surprise to you how different her cheerful, frank, and humorous manner is from the overblown egos and politicking that have become par for the course in the dance scene. Erin’s stripped down, jacking musical style perfectly matches her no-nonsense ’let’s have a some FUN’ attitude which makes her stage presence so unique.

Erin began DJing five years ago and although her home town of Edmonton was a city where trance prevailed, she quickly realized that her heart was devoted to house music. The boys club of the DJ world can be a tough nut to crack, and Erin initially had to battle not only her own lack of self-confidence and the public dismissal of ‘girl DJs’ which once manifested itself in a clubber accusing her of having her boyfriend mix for her when they were performing in a tag set. Erin eventually rose to the occasion, and she is beginning to hold her own in the international dance scene.

A sojourn to New Zealand, Australia and Southeast Asia in 2002 brought Erin her first international gigs and since then, her reputation for superb musical selection at a variety of residencies and one-offs in Edmonton and Calgary has earned her a growing local fan base and an affiliation with local DJ crew, Ways of the Wikkid. It was with pleasure that she took up her most recent residency at Edmonton’s longest running after hours, Y.

Her recent win in the Primal Sounds DJ Competition is the beginning of an exciting year for Erin. She’s starting dance music production with the same enthusiasm that she started DJing five years ago, and she’s set her sights high: she has vowed that in the next five she’ll be producing and DJing alongside HER heroes: Lee Burridge, Ty Tek, and Steve Lawler.

Erin certainly has her work cut out for her, but she’s ready to face this challenge with the same sexy style that she kicks late-night clubbers into 6am.