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Erik The Viking

London, United Kingdom

Psy-Trance, Trance

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Erik The Viking ( DJ / Label Manager/ A&R ) at Viking Trance Record Label

Artist roster that includes The Camonbears, Whoudini, Spunout, Razzek, Zencats, The MeeQ, Erik The Viking, Ian James Stewart, Madestrong, Trevor Pixie, Divya, Slounge Box, Purple Wizard, Ism, Keribru, Annie Parker, Chameleon, Erik Thompson, Viking Trance, The Viking Crew. DJ Erik The Viking and the Elusive They Corporation ( too many members to list here )

Coming from a musical family background, Erik first started out as a bass player, playing parties and festivals such as Stonehenge Free Festival , Earth Spirit ,Buddha,Fields , Healing Fields, Glastonbury Festival, Earthcore, Summer Dreaming etc etc., also worked as a mix engineer/producer for major London studios such as Swanyard, Eden, Orinoco, Roundhouse etc. working for labels such as Acid Jazz Sony ,Go Disks ,Chrysalis ,Creation .One Little Indian , Virgin records Atlantic , Love Records ,EMI ,Polydor . Rumour FFRR Records ,Cake Records ,Kinetix , Cherry tree Records etc , Erik has worked with a lot of well know international artists over the years as a producer engineer and co-writer. During this time he was also playing as a DJ around the world at various festivals and parties and releasing tunes through record labels under the name of Erik the Viking, WaveForm & Zencats. Erik has a huge catalogue of music he has written himself over the years, with well over 500 tunes. A complete sound junkey, the only way to describe his work is “eclectic” with an eye to cutting edge production and an individual sound that you start to recognize after hearing some of his productions. Always keen to keep up to date with the music scene Erik will be writing music till the day he dies, so if music be the food of life, play on /|\