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Erik the King, also known as Enrico, has been an all around dance-produce for 12 years and known by the public through “WaterVerve”, a production with Mark van Dale. Their production “Higher and more high” (with DJ Jurgen) reached the number 5 position of the Dutch top 40 and became world-wide brought out.

Perhaps one is yet most under the impression of his releases under the name “Three Drives” (together with DJ Barrel TB). “Greece 2000”, “Sunset on Ibiza”, “Carrera 2” and “Air traffic”, his single titles that (certainly in the UK) grew into club-anthems.

Erik has produced an enormous number tracks through the years, but is it all? Together with Mark van Dale, worked Erik by Midtown which they discovered “house-music”. They bought their own studio that resulted all fast in a successful plate: Obscure FM’s “Michael Jackson is in heaven now”. It followed more “sturdy” productions “Utter utter” and “Fuckface” (as a King Valley). As a radio DJ, Erik (with Mark) presented also the famous “Turbulentie live” on Rotterdam radio.

Erik’s musical preference has changed and he his entirely unique style (club with trance influences). Halfway the ‘90s he stood, with its producers team, at the basis of the club trance current. He releases 2 successful releases on DJ Jean’s label: It records. Dubfoundation’s “Emotions” and “Loosing drag” of Club Generous. Other known productions are: Enrico’s “Hardclubber” & “Disclubber”, Partision’s “No may gustah”, “Together” of Department On and “Something goin’ on” with Mark van Dale.

Also Erik’s remixes score good. Kay merry go round”- Scores from the crib and “Seed, scattered” by Rainbox stood high in the Dutch dance list and became world-wide brought out. Other known remixes are: Vengaboys Tree, tree, tree and DJ Jurgen’s Better Alone level. As a Three Drives (with Barrel TB), Erik o. a remix made for White and Jones, Yves the Ruyter, Cor Fijneman, Scott Mac and Jason Nevins.

Erik’s specialty as a DJ is the warm up of the dance floor and naturally the putting down of a perfect set with be own “trancy-achtige” style. He was resident dj in “A20” in Rotterdam for 3 years, turned flatten z’n in known Dutch clubs as the Hague and Escape Amsterdam, but also Canada, Italy, Spain, Finland and the UK.

His newest productions, brought out as “Three Drives” and “DJ Barrel TB” get many support of known dj’s such as Oakenfold, Tiesto, Paul can Dyk and Armin Van Buuren. Most by these tracks meanwhile have been drawn by large labels as Blackhole, Virgin UK and Vandit. Three Drives’ “Air traffic” of spent several weeks at number 1 in all Dutch dance charts. Later on this year the release of Three Drives 2e album follows “Melodies from the universe”. On this (twice) album next to 12 new tracks, also remixes of the most successful releases stand.

Also expects: “Secretly brought out”, a brand-new solo-release on Blackhole as “Erik the King”.