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Eric Volta

London, United Kingdom

dirtybird, Ellum Audio, Lower East
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Thanks to everyone who writes in. I do enjoy taking the time to write back to everyyone who makes the time to write to me, however recently i have juts too many msgs of people i don’t know asking me to send them music.

My music is available to purchase and if it isn’t i am afraid myself like everyone else out there has to wait to buy it. And i do both. I wait and i buy it. You are no different, you are not special. I don’t care where you are djing tonight – it’s just not polite to ask someone you dont know these questions! In the end the best things in life are worth waiting for. Shoudl these msgs persist i would have to start ignoring you or even worse remove the msgs capabilities which i would rather not do!

Big love and thank you for your support!

- Volta