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Eric B

Knoxville, United States


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Eric B’ is an American mix deejay available for bookings all over the world. He’ been entertaining and captivating people as a deejay for nearly 9 years so he knows the score!

Holding down 3 club resident spots, it’s amazing how he finds time to do anything but mix records.

Eric’ promo material states “Eric uses his unparalleled ability to fuse House, R&B, Hip Hop, Techno and Old School to redefine the boundaries of musical genres. He combines beat mixing and scratching to further enhance his professional sound design. He is a DJ who defines, rather than letting himself be defined!”

Discovering and exploring new frontiers is his main aim where music is concerned. Eric is very experienced in all forms of dance music mixing – Eric describes himself as a “presentable, stylish and smart DJ.” He has a real passion for his music and gets a buzz out of bringing people together under the collective influence of his vibes.

Promo material for Eric goes on to say “by actively performing, practicing and creating his own unique style of music, Eric plans to create his own record label and to establish a name for himself throughout the world. Thereby, becoming a world renowned house DJ that redefines the boundaries of house music”.

Eric is interested in performing anywhere in the “World”, aspiring to become a world renowned DJ. Eric B’ is a DJ who’ been on the scene for 9 years spinning in America. Now it’ time 4 the rest of the world 2 see what “Eric B’ is all about. Not only do you get a ‘DJ’, you get an electrifying performance that will hype any crowd".

Eric B’ has had the pleasure to open with such artist as MTV’ DJ Skribbles, Recording artist Crystal Waters, Jocelyn Enriquez, & Toya, DJ Magic Mike, David Hollands, Faust & Shortie, Chris Fortier, Mystic Bill, Vicious Vic, Stacy Kidd, Trevor Lamont, Rob Vaughn, Diesel Boy, Jeffee, Nigel Richards, Voo Doo, DJ Who, Kimball Collins. This is to just name a few…