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Eric Averetta

Houston, United States


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Eric Averetta first fell in love with electronic music in 2009 when he was introduced and inspired by hardstyle and techno, but he felt an even deeper connection with trance. His music career began under the title DJ Blizzie when he produced his first EP in the summer of 2009 known as “The Future Rave”. Although his EP was unreleased and is currently in reproduction, Eric Averetta received acclaim on Youtube for his songs “Rave Out”, “Before the Storm”, “Future Tectonics”, and a remix of Medinas “You and I.” Shortly after his summer of producing, Eric fell in love with DJing after receiving a Vestex VCI-300 DJ controller for Christmas. Thereafter, Eric Averetta knew he found his calling.

Averetta was greatly inspired by local DJ and friend DJ Senega, who advised him to take his work ethic to the next level and purchase turntables. This lead to him to his first live club performance at Link Houston in summer 2010. Since then, the his style has been further influenced by a multitude of local and global trance DJ’s and producers.

On New Years 2011, Eric Averetta attended a music concert that changed his life. After falling in love with the postive energy and unity of the rave scene, he became a frequent of local raves and clubs throughout Houston and made friends with many local DJ’s and ravers. He picked up on shuffling, gloving, and all other aspects of PLURR in the local edm scene. Most of all, his experiences as a raver fueled his passion for trance music.

Eric converted his passion for raving into enthusiasm and charisma behind the turntables. He quickly landed his first gigs at clubs in the Houston area in summer 2011, as they spread their devotion of trance music throughout the Houston area. Eric Averetta’s live sets present energetic dance beats, uplifting vibes, and a long-lasting impact on his followers, and he keeps the crowd moving with infectious melodies from a unique combination of styles from around the globe. Eric is constantly enhancing his sound in the pursuit of their ultimate goal of becoming a pioneer of the global EDM scene. His first full-length album is currently underway and does not have a set release date.